Tutoring is as old as time itself. Private Tutoring (PT) which has been defined as the lessons and related support obtained in academic subjects beyond the hours of mainstream formal schooling for a fee’’ (Bray et al., 2014; Silova et al., 2006). Broadly, PT may be received for either remedial or advancement purposes (Zang, 2015). High-achievers demand PT at least for two reasons; to raise further the existing level by maintaining their competitive advantage at school and as a supplement that fill the deficiencies of mainstream curricula. In contrast, low achievers seek tutoring to catch up with their peers (Zang, 2015; Song et al., 2013). And just like every other profession, it evolves. Nigeria’s population stands at 197 million people. Report shows that the population will increase to 250 million in 2030. UNICEF reported that 25,685 babies were born on January 1st, 2019 which comprised of 6.5% of the number of babies born globally on New Year Day. A cumulative calculation of this shows that a total of 9.2 millionchildren will be born in Nigeria in 2019. This is a huge indication that instead of collapsing, the education industry is one that will certainly outlast time and nature because these children have to go to school.

In Nigeria, for example, many are of the opinion that the government has failed in her responsibility to providing quality education obvious in poor funding, scrappy curriculum development and implementation, inadequate tutor training and remuneration, and continuous infrastructural decay. Others believe that private schools are just trying to extract money from parents without giving commensurate training for their charges. Whether these opinions are right or wrong, it is true that there is no smoke without a fire. The only logical deduction from them is that private tutoring remains the only surest alternative to failed public and private responsibility towards providing quality education.

The 21st century parents are highly career-driven; having little or zero time for their children after school and during holidays. Most parents / guardians on the other hand are not academically sound enough to keep up with the pace of what their children are learning in school in recent time. For the parents to concentrate on their jobs, it is pertinent that quality private tutors be engaged to keep their children up to date and compete favourably with their peers. There is a popular saying that “it is better to train a child than to repair broken men.” As a parent, invest all you can in the overall development of your children. Also, for parents who do not catch up with current academic demands, it is imperative to engage the service of private tutors to facilitate the desired growth of your children.

Research also has it that a student learns almost 10X faster when taught alone than in a group. There are some group of students we refer to as prey (cognitively passive). They find it difficult to talk in class because of the predators (psychomotor active) i.e intelligent students and intimidating tutors. These preys are always on their own whenever it is time for academic activities. They are usually active during psychomotor activities but redundant in cognitive activities. The only surest way of bringing such students out of that situation is through private tutoring. It is a one-on-one, high-classed and concentration-based adventure where a tutor diagnosis a student to find out the best way possible for tutoring a child to the level of his / her comprehension. From experience, this method has proven to be almost 100% effective.

Hey! Do not make the mistake of blaming tutors in school for not being able to cause this change. Why? Let us assume that the average number of students in a class in private schools is 20.Some private schools have more that this and in public schools, you can have as high as 50 students in one class. Now, it is the responsible of one tutor to carry all the 20 to 50 students along. Without debating further, you should know how almost impossible it is for that class to be maximally effective. Therefore, private tutoring is and will always be in high need as long as education remains the most valuable way of changing human.

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