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We have professional and experienced tutors who are shrewd in delivering these subjects. Get involved!

  1. Numeracy
  2. Literacy (Reading, Writing and Spelling)
  3. Sound Identificaton and Demonstration
  4. Social Awareness
  5. Pictoral Representations.

Upper Grade

Our Upper Grade tutors are vibrant, passionate, experienced and manually screened. Get one here!

  1. Basic Mathematics
  2. English Language
  3. Verbal Reasoning
  4. Fine Art
  5. Quantitative Reasoning
  6. Basic Sciences
  7. Computer Studies

High School

We parade a blend highly skilled and professional tutors capable of delivering the change you desire. Get started here!

  1. Further Mathematics
  2. Agricultural Science
  3. Geography
  4. Economics
  5. Biology
  6. General Mathematics
  7. Chemistry
  8. Government
  9. Principles of Accounting
  10. Physics
  11. Commerce
  12. Literature in English
  13. English Language


Request for a tutor to enjoy our community mentorship packages which include the following;

  1. Personality Development
  2. Leadership Coaching
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Academic and Career Choices
  5. Emotional and Psycological Intelligence

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Our client's reviews

“One thing I love about @tiptutors is their commitment to professionalism. The tutors show high level of professionalism in relating to clients. Tutors’ relationship is with my children is exceptional, which guarantees effective learning”

Mr Chukwudi
Business Man / Politician
“I initially thought my son is not the academic type because he was literally withdrawn from anything that involves learning. I reluctantly engaged one of their tutors. In one term, my son’s academic fortunes turned around to my greatest amazement. I gladly recommend tutors from this platform”
“I had taken my two children for entrance exams and they both failed. I got a tutor from this platform and in one month, I took them back to the same school. This time around, they both passed. In fact, one of them was given double promotion. The tutors have a calm way of impacting knowledge.”
Mrs Lynda
Civil Servant