It is no longer news that tutoring is one of the most delicate job to do in the world today. Delicate not because the health hazards are high or it is too sophisticating to be a tutor. But, it is delicate because “tutors mistakes are trans generational.” Many of us wonder why after many years of passing out of school especially primary and secondary schools, we still hold high some of the basic things (values, ethics, morals and topics) our tutors handed over to us. In fact, research has it that children tend to accept advice from teachers more than parents.

It is perpetually exciting for a tutor to see the academic fortune of his / her student turned around. At the same time, parents / guardians are looking for the next opportunity to showcase their children based on excellent academic performance. But, research has it that most times, parents do not get satisfied with tutors’ approach or performance which automatically goes a long way towards affecting the overall performance of the student (s).

In order to help parents / guardians get the best out their children’s tutors, be it private (home) tutors or class tutors, we have designed these tested and proven secrets to getting the best from tutors. Have a fantastic read!

  1. Let your approach be that of partnership

The relationship between parents and tutors is best described as partnership. Yes! Partnership. Parents are expected to work hand in hand with tutors. How can you as a parent not be in the lookout for what a child is consuming from tutors? There has to be continuous and subjective scrutiny of a student’s overall consumption. Do not be like those parents who are lackadaisical about the academic training of their children. It is not enough to just pay tutors or send your children to expensive schools. Constantly check the behavioural dynamics of the student. Some parents make the mistake of thinking that tutors know everything and are incapable of making mistakes. But, that is certainly not true. Tutors make mistakes. Though, experienced and passionate tutors record much reduced rates in making mistakes. My point is just that everyone under heaven is capable of making mistakes including you reading this. Now, as a parent, collaborate with your children’s tutors or the organisation providing the tutors. Any tutor that frowns at a parent complain or correction is not worth being a tutor because aside from learning, one major aspect of knowledge and education is unlearning and relearning. So, do not hesitate to bring to the knowledge of a tutor what you think is right to be done or what you think he / she has not been doing so well. Just make sure you do it constructively.

  1. Do not say negative things about the tutor in front of your children

Some parents are fond of making derogatory statements about tutors in front of the students. In fact, they go to the length of telling their children how poor the tutors are and how much they are paying the tutors to alleviate them from poverty. Well, one thing I have to tell you is; “nobody feels at ease learning from someone he / she seems to be above.” If you succeed in making the student know that he / she is placed above the tutor, you have ruined that academic relationship. The student will not learn anything from that tutor. Unless in very special but minute cases where the tutor has really taken a special part of the student’s formative mind. Do not be surprised when it appears that your child do not learn anything good from the tutor. It is simply because he feels there is no point learning from someone that should be respecting him for his affluence or whatever you have put inside his head. No matter how tensed or disgusted you are, watch what you say about a tutor in front of the student.

  1. Do not be TOO familiar with your children’s tutor…. Professionalism is the key.

You just have to get the tutor know that by recruiting them or sending your children to them, you mean business. There are some parents who become too familiar with the children’s tutors. In fact, they go to the extent of letting the tutors into their privacies such as telling them about their relationship lives, taking them even into their bedroom. Some even discuss their sexual adventures with the tutors. Nobody says do not be nice. The watchword here is PROFESSIONALISM. When you become too familiar with a tutor, his commitment to the job reduces. It is advised that tutors be changed every one year (private tutors inclusive) except in cases where the tutor has distinguished himself.

  1. Get subject-specific tutors

In order to get the best out of a tutor, get tutors for each subject. Maximum of two subjects will not be bad. Parents make the mistake of thinking that one tutor should be able to teach all the subjects. Well, that may be possible only when the student is in Lower Grade classes. But, as the child begins to graduate to Upper Grade and High school, it is advisable to get subject-specific tutors. Well, you may be a bit wary at the cost of getting one tutor for each subject. The thing is, allow the tutor to concentrate on key subjects such as English, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Further Mathematics, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, etc. Subject-specific tutoring is highly recommended especially for students in High School.

  • Recruit tutors through the best organisations

It is always good to consult professionals when recruiting tutors for children. You just have to be more deliberate with who and what you expose your children to. Tutoring organisations are vast in town. Just take out your time to sieve them and get the best for your children. Remember, the mistake of tutors are trans-generational. Do not for the sake of cheap commodity recruit a roadside tutor for your children. Remember, it is easy to train a child than to repair a broken man.

  • Be patient with the tutors

There are parents who want tutors to perform magic overnight. If your child is doing poorly or not up to expectation, you do not expect the tutor to make the child come top of the class immediately. Give the tutor some time. Just make sure you monitor the progress but to expect a child to climb from 45% to 99% in a twinkle of an eye is somewhat out of place. Both growth, change and development do not come overnight.

  • Appreciate the tutor

Here is one of the places parents fail it. So, they are like after all, I have paid him the wages due to him. Of course that is true, but there is also more. Everyone feels re-energised when appreciated. It could be just a phone call, a well-constructed text message, a recharge card, packaged gifts, money, or even an oversea travel as the case may be. You never can imagine how far your kind words can go in making the tutor feel at home to coach your children. There are some parents that since the tutor started handling their children, all the tutor has received is complaint. In fact, anytime the tutor sees such parents, the next thing is what have I done this time around? Even your phone call scares life out of him. No!  It should not be like that. Every human is emotional. So, there is every possibility of that tutor giving your children an extra treatment when he feels appreciated.


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